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ZhongBa Hospital In Lahore – International Chinese Hospital

ZhongBa hospital in Lahore is a multi specialty health facility that became operational in the year 2012. Our international Chinese hospital is now located near Shadiwaal Chowk, Johar Town in Lahore and is easily approachable from all major commercial and residential areas of the city. ZhongBa hospital has been providing services to patients in all major specialties like general and technical procedures, gynecology, andrology, urology, anorectal disorders and surgery, infertility, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, ENT, pediatric and physiotherapy related issues. It deals in clinical cases and has a very well developed lab and an extremely modern post operative recovery unit, all departments being looked after by consultants who happen to have done their postgraduate training in the China while others are Pakistan board certified. Our hospital is very special and different from the other because it offers all the related treatment with Traditional Chinese medicines that recover the condition and complication fast and provide you relief instant.

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ZhongBa hospital is the leading destination to find reasonable gynecologist in Lahore and female urologist in Lahore. Offering the latest technological advances, experienced and expert physicians and surgeons and the very best in patient care, Medical techniques in ZhongBa hospital for gynecology treatment is flourishing and has secured her place in the world as a premier medical destination.


Andrology is the medical field that deals with man health, mainly relating to the complications of the male reproductive system, sexual health, infertility and urological problems that are important to men. There are andrologist in Lahore and urologist in Lahore who provides their services to cure you with effective Chinese treatment.


Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy that is one of the most important health profession in our hospital concern with the movements and mechanical force to regain the actual activity by using exercise therapy, manual exercise and massage therapy. Our physiotherapist in Lahore deal in all pain related issues and disorders are treated.


Anorectal department in ZhongBa hospital Lahore deals with the anorectal malformations like piles. These complications are leading 99% toward anorectal issues and disorders. If there is fistula under the skin, scars, urethra infections, anus or rectum complications, then must consult our gastroenterologist in Lahore. Our specialists provide best treatment with Chinese herbal medicines for piles etc.

Meet our Doctors

andrologist in Lahore

Dr. Peng Yun Xiang

Creating a highly detailed medical history and carrying out a particular physical examination, including the genitalia, permits our Andrologist Dr. Peng Yun Xiang to establish the problem relating to the man’s infertility and male sexual health, directing the succeeding diagnostic study while suggesting the necessary tests required. He is post graduated from China and serving from last 35 years in this field.

Dr. Goufen Liu

Dr. Goufen Liu is gynecologist in our hospital. Her responsibilities are career satisfaction, but earned more and assumed fewer internal gynecological responsibilities. Though gynecologists advised more than other specialists, with the increasing role of gynecologists as principal care doctors, it is remarkable that our female gynecologists frequently provide preventive precaution.

Dr. Sang Mailin

Dr. Sang Mailin is our physiotherapist. As a physiotherapist they’ll help patients with physical difficulties resulting from ageing, injury, illness and disability to improve their movement. They will devise and review treatment programs using manual therapy such as electrotherapy, therapeutic exercise and massage. He also provide hijama and acupuncture.

Dr. Lei Zeli

Dr. Lei Zeli is the anorectal specialist in ZhongBa hospital working for last two years with great passion. He is graduated from China and attain his specialization degree there. Moreover, he is well experienced and serving from last 10 years in his field. He is specialist in piles treatment, fistula treatment, constipation treatment, prolapse and fissure treatment.

Services And Treatments At ZhongBa Hospital

We provide traditional Chinese medicine treatments. These medicines have originated from ancient China and has been evolved from thousand of years. The practitioners of the traditional Chinese medicines use herbal plants, and many bodies and mid exercises such as Tai Chi and acupuncture without any disadvantage. In the whole world now, people use and prefer TCM and also recommend additional sources to use TCM. Our hospital is the best place for you to meet all the given criteria. Pak-China hospital was specially designed to communicate with the people of Pakistan to avail the Chinese treatment at reasonable cost. All Chinese staff is ready to serve in our clinical hospital.

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