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Andrology Department - ZB Hospital In Lahore

Andrology is the medical term which deals with the male’s complications of the reproductive system and other health issues or hormonal problems. Andrology problems are treated with traditional Chinese medicines in ZB hospital Lahore. There is a list of disorders and diseases that are treated with great attention and emphasizing the surgical and medical management of the diseases.
  • Man sexual health
  • Male reproductive system complications
  • Infertility
  • Peyronie’s Disease
  • erectile dysfunction
  • hypogonadism
  • genital issues and disorders
These are and many other complications are treated with Chinese methods preferably microvascular surgery, microsurgical reconstruction, genital reconstruction and genitourinary prosthetics included with extensive operative practices. The partnership of specialists includes participation in genital reconstructive mentored and surgery, graduated experience in the management of males’ health disease. The Chinese firm has hospital staff privileges, a clinic of their own, the potential to schedule operative cases and contribute to the care of patients at the ZB hospital, Lahore. A structured curriculum, weekly sessions, and close interaction with urology residents are provided. The Andrology laboratory is very well stabilized with the latest equipment and all lab diagnostic tests are performed there with great efficacy and show 100% correct results with a clear diagnosis of inflammation and infections. The laboratory is staffed by a team of dedicated and medical scientists who are members of our organization. The Andrology laboratory performs more than 100 diagnostic tests and 400 sperm banking processes annually. The diagnostic tests include sperm antibody assays and semen analysis required by doctors for the medical assessment of couples presenting with infertility. Sperm measurement is performed for couples having Chinese treatment, prior to vasectomy or for younger men who are about to undergo cancer treatment which can have damaging effects on sperm production.

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