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Semen Analysis Test Lab In Lahore – Latest Technology For Fast And Accurate Results

July 22nd, 2018 by
Semen Analysis Test Semen Analysis Semen Analysis In Lahore Zaib Hospital Lahore and Zaib Medical Center Lahore

Semen Analysis Test Lab In Lahore – Latest Technology For Fast And Accurate Results

Examination of the quality and quantity of the seminal fluid, including sperm motility health and functionality. A semen analysis can also know as seminogram. It’s the key part to diagnose the fertility rate of man. Semen analysis is very helpful for you to know your production strength and your fitness. To ensure the fertility rate you must get your semen analysis test from Zaib Medical Center Lahore.

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Semen Analysis Test Semen Analysis Semen Analysis In Lahore

Our Specialists For Semen Analysis Test In Lahore

Zaib Hospital has contemporary techniques and latest machines for semen analysis test. You can visit our hospital for sperm check with complete privacy with a comfortable environment. We’ve specialized infertility doctors for semen analysis, who will examine your reports and will prescribe you best treatments if you are having any issue.

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Why Perform Semen Analysis Test

A semen evaluation measures the quantity of sperm contained per mm of every ejaculation and the amount of the white blood cells. An examination also reveals the movement of the sperm to swim ahead. The shape of the sperm is also under observation. There are numerous elements that come into the picture and impact the accuracy of the consequences of semen analysis.

How To Perform Semen Analysis Test

To have semen analysis you should come and visit our andrology department where we will collect your semen into a cup or condom. Here are fully trained Chinese staff will perform the examination in the laboratory. If you are hesitant to provide us a sample in the hospital room then you can take it with yourself from your home. If a doctor thinks that your semen ejaculation quantity is low due to Vas Deferens then they will collect it from your epididymis.

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What We Examine In Semen Analysis Test

Semen analysis test can be included:

  • Sperm quantity analysis: calculate semen ejaculation per millimeter.
  • Volume analysis: how many sperms you have in your ejaculation.
  • Precipitation duration: to test the timing of freshly ejaculated gel-like semen to changes into a liquid.
  • Semen motility: to examine the density and the motility of the sperm.
  • Semen anatomy: shape and details of the sperm
  • Balance: examine the level of acidity your semen has.
  • White blood cells examination: the amount of WBC in your semen.
  • Sugar level: semen have fructose in it naturally, in semen analysis we will also test the sugar level.

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