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Gastroenterology Department - Anal And Rectum Treatment in ZhongBa Hospital Lahore

Gastroenterology diseases categorized as stomach, anal and rectum disorders showing with some distressing symptoms such as bleeding and acute anal pain which need an immediate management of diseases. This article deals with our piles department introduction, diseases diagnosis and management and treatment that we are provided by traditional Chinese medicines. There are many diseases that are treated with Chinese herbal medicines and listed as below. Piles acutely thrombosed external hemorrhoid strangulated internal hemorrhoid bleeding hemorrhoid thrombosed hemorrhoid anal fissure bleeding anal varices anal abscess strangulated rectal prolapse perineal necrotizing fasciitis obstructing rectal cancer retained anorectal foreign bodies Fournier gangrene fistula Sexually transmitted diseases (STI) as anorectal emergencies in neonates and anorectal non-surgical emergencies are also treated with Chinese herbal medicines. Early complications such as acute urinary retention, fecal impaction, bleeding, sepsis are the emergency signs of anal and rectal disorders. Although many of rectum diseases presenting in an emergency situation are not danger and may be successfully treated in our ZhongBa hospital Lahore with great impact and high prevalence rates, an accurate diagnosis and proper organization remains a challenging problem for other hospitals. A detailed history taking a quick physical examination, including anoscopy, digital rectal examination is very important for correct diagnosis and plan of anorectal disease treatment. In contrary, internal hemorrhoid is covered by anal pigmented melanoma and anal mucosa presents with a longer history of dark pigmented skin lesions that are treated with Chinese herbal medicines and surgery is also recommended if the condition is severe. The staff of ano department is specialist in their work and treatment, well equipped with all important instruments and machinery that is required for treatment. All lab instruments and equipment are highly specialized and bought from China to prove the results of different tests that are recommended by our gastro specialists. The team of our Gastroenterology department is highly motivated to provide you the best treatment with great potential. Moreover, they proved themselves a great team in their field and they are always ready to serve you in opening ours.

Anal and Rectum disorders and treatment in Lahore best doctor Zhongba Hospital

Anal and Rectum disorders and their treatment at ZhongBa Hospital

Anal and Rectum disorders and their treatment at ZhongBa Hospital Anal and rectum disorders are most common diseases that badly affect several individual’s lives. The...